Nora Hajian

Recently we welcomed Nora Hajian to share about her upcoming missions work in Tanzania as a member of Wycliffe Canada. Nora will be doing supportive linguistic work, in the form of dictionary development, as a part of the Bible translation project. She will be starting her two year mission soon.

Below is a letter from Nora letting you know a bit about what she will be doing and how you can be involved:

Thank you for your continuing support already. Right now I am in need of prayer and financial partners to come alongside me in this mission to end what we call global bible poverty: God used the partnership of individuals and churches, among other things, to enable me to contribute to this important work in the Mara region of Tanzania.

I believe God has been opening doors, answering prayer and proving for my needs thus far, and I fully expect him to continue to do so – and I give him the glory for that.

Wycliffe as an organisation believes everyone should be able to access the scriptures in their mother tongue, and personally, I believe that no people-group should be left under the impression that God is a foreigner to them, and doesn’t know their language. That’s one of my personal motivations for joining Wycliffe.

Please visit my webpage at, you’ll find more info, and links to SIL’s website on their Tanzanian projects and my profile page on Wycliffe Canada’s website. You can also sign up for my newsletters on that page.