Filming at Home

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We have come up with a list of things that we learned are helpful when editing and producing video for our pre-recorded services at AbbyNaz (or recording videos in general). These are not rules but rather helpful suggestions. If you have been asked to record content for our online services please review this list before starting.

  • ALWAYS record in landscape (with the phone on its’ side).
  • Practice first. Read through your script/scripture or whatever you are reading a few times before hitting record. Especially if there are complicated Biblical Names or Cities.
  • Think about your surroundings, what is behind/around you that will be seen in the video. Try to avoid wearing material with small stripes or polka dots, they can look weird on video. Solid colours are always a good choice.
  • Frame yourself in the centre of the camera with the lens at eye level or above.
  • Leave 2-3 seconds of silence recorded at the beginning and end of the video. Don’t just finish talking and immediately hit stop. This might seem insignificant but it is very helpful when editing the service together.
  • Use good lighting. Daylight through a window makes for the best light. If you can, try and face a large window with the camera between you and the window. If you don’t have good daylight or you are recording at night, use a lamp… or two. A camera is only as good as the lighting.
  • Filming outside is not ideal and only works well if there is zero wind. The video might look great but without a proper microphone set up even a slight breeze can make the audio difficult to hear.
  • If you need to start over a couple times or more it’s okay.
  • Use a tripod or prop the phone/camera against something to hold it in place. If another person needs to hold the camera, ask them to put their elbows on or against something for support. This just reduces the chances of a shaky video.
  • If you have an iPhone, go to settings, scroll down and click ‘camera’, then ‘record video’ and select ‘4K at 30fps’.
  • Lastly, have fun and remember that the people watching you are your Church friends & family and they are encouraged by the words you are saying.

Thank you for reading and considering these tips but most of all thank you for agreeing to record videos for our online services. We look forward to seeing your video soon!