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Nora Hajian

Recently we welcomed Nora Hajian to share about her missions work in Tanzania as a member of Wycliffe Canada. Nora will be doing supportive linguistic work, in the form of dictionary development, as a part of the Bible translation project on a two year mission.

Please click here to find out more about Nora and her ministry on her website. You can also sign up to receive her full email newsletter there.

Below is a excerpt from one of Nora’s recent newsletters:

Hello, family and friends! I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas season in your respective locations, and that your New Year is off to a good start. 

Here in Musoma I think we’re finally starting to get past the ‘short rains’ season, which was abnormally early and long this time around. I believe we’ll encounter the ‘long rains’ season sometime in April. The office has seen some staffing turnover over the last couple months, as some families head off on furlough and others come back. 

Finally, I managed to find a former teacher who can tutor me in Swahili three times a week, and I am excited to use Swahili further. I am settling more into my role here, and was recently able to draft a Position Results Description. It is definitely a helpful guiding document, particularly when one needs to wear several ‘hats’ around the office.

Thanks for your prayers! They are effective, as my laptop would testify to if it were sentient. Much love to you all,