Family Fun Night

We were raring to go and enjoy a night of  Family Fun! But as we know, due to recent health and safety changes, we won’t be able to host this event  at this time. 

Check out a copy of the game we were going to enjoy playing on Thursday below.  Maybe you can still Connect (online) with your friends and family and play along!

What we can do in mean time is look for new ways of connecting with our neighbours; watching for ways in which we can be used by God to provide hope and peace to those around us. The purpose of Family Fun Night is to provide families in our community a time where we can ‘do’ family together – whatever configuration our family may be, we can find ways to sit around a table, share a meal, play some games and mainly to connect.  Now more than ever before, we need to ask God to give us more creative ideas of doing these things – virtually sitting, sharing, playing and connecting. Our God is able to do far more than we can ever imagine!  

Game Board, Click to print or download: