AbbyNaz Youth

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If you are a young person in grade 7-12, come join us! We’d love to meet you! If you are older than a high-schooler and want to be a part of our group, that would be great! we’d love to connect with you and see where God can lead us and place you in our group. We have a lot of fun together, connecting with each other and with our Lord through worship and sharing our lives together.

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What AbbyNaz Youth is all about:

1. Young people feel like they belong: We attempt to create a safe place for young people to come and feel like they will be a part of something great. They can feel free to be themselves and have fun.

2. Young people will feel loved and cared for: It is our hope that through their sense of belonging and positive attention we can give them that they will feel loved. We achieve this by knowing them, knowing what is going on in their lives, and by listening to them and their concerns and needs.

3. They will know who God is and where their worth comes from. We try and make sure at everything we do, they learn something about God and about the fact that there worth doesn’t need to come from outside forces (friends, societal pressures, etc.) but from the knowledge that they are a child of God.